We want to create a place where social responsibility is an important element of our strategy. We try to combine business daily activities with the needs of people and the environment around us. For our company, taking care of employees, clients, business partners and the local community is essential. Let us together take up challenges of the modern world.


Respect for the environment

The natural environment is an integral part of our world. Without it, there is no us. Aware of the environmental hazard, we approach the use of materials in our company with care and we take care of appropriate waste management.


Ethics in business

As a market leader, we want to make you aware that Fair Play rules are the key to success. We treat our business partners and competitors with due respect and honest approach. At every stage of running a business, we concentrate on high culture and quality of work.


Ethics at work

In our company, mutual respect and care for others is the most important principle and a guarantee of reliable cooperation. We fully accept the fact that we are different from each other and we can have a different point of view. Mielewczyk connects people, despite a different nationality, religion or skills.


Local community

We are happy that we can provide jobs with decent conditions and help the most needy. We also support local suppliers, together we can contribute to the development of our region.