Mielewczyk is a family initiative. We have been guarding values and traditions for 25 years. Our family consists of over 200 people and everyone is part of our company's success. We make sure that the employee feels good atmosphere and derive satisfaction from the job. We know that the foundation of the company are employees and the quality of our products depend on them, so we offer excellent employment standards and the opportunity to raise qualifications. We appreciate active team activity, commitment and loyalty. In addition, we reward employees and offer loyalty programs, because the sense of influence and agency felt by the employee is of great importance to the Mielewczyk family.


We treat all people working in our company as family members, we support and care for good relationships and mutual respect. We are happy that we are able to transfer authentic family values to the area of our company. Involved employees who create a company from the beginning are our greatest satisfaction.


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