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historia firmy ekipa       The beginnings of the poultry slaughterhouse "Mielewczyk" date back to 1990, when the operation was mainly focused on factory farming of poultry. In subsequent years there was an overall increase in the number of people employed .Our company underwent modernization of the production line, thereby experiencing productivity enhancement and the increase in production rate. Putting safety of our clients and workers first we have introduced the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) system.

        Success in many contests connected with the poultry industry is the coping stone of our work. In 1994 we purchased the first production lines, achieving a maximum productivity output 700 pieces per hour. From that moment effectiveness has increased steadily from 700 to 5000 pieces per hour. In 1997 we started to modernize the buildings: we extended the main building, new rooms were added, communal rooms and store rooms were also extended.
       From 2004 to 2006 we were the beneficiary of the European Union funds concerning the improvement of processing and marketing of agricultural products .This aid was granted for the purchase of new processing machinery and equipment. 2008 and 2009 brought other changes in our company:we purchased a lot of modern machines and devices for every hall. We have modernized a production, communal and office space. We have built on a cold store and our transport base has been extended by seven more cars.

        Next years mean for us new plans and challenges. Making our clients satisfied and improving our products have always been our main goals. We hope that 2010 will be as fruitful as preceding years.